28th September 2015
From coffee machines, in-house roasted beans to coffee, Caswell's is cementing itself as the place for all things coffee with a sprawling dog park thrown in for a good measure.

These days, it is not a rare occurrence to find yourself enjoying your second or even third cup of coffee serving within a day. Coffee culture, and the expanding growth of coffee shops that come with it, is now duly ingrained in our daily life – making the act of grabbing coffee each day into a ritual.

Placing focus, first and foremost, on their wide range of coffee machines and in-house roasted coffee beans, the sizeable space of Caswell’s is home to the first ever certified coffee lab in South East Asia as well as a roastery, a café, and an extensive outdoor area, which features a spread-out dog park and a mini petting zoo in the making.

As a highlight, Caswell’s also provides an educative space where coffee enthusiasts can gather and dive into the fascinating world of coffee together for basic barista training and cupping classes. If that’s too layman for you, there are Q Grader training classes as well. For the uninitiated, Q Grader is a program established by Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) to produce a credible and skilled Arabica specialty coffee cuppers.

But seriousness aside, Caswell’s is the type of a laid-back spot where it’s easy to notice families and small groups of friends sharing tasty bites of their popular cold sandwich over good-natured banter.

As sunlight pours in generously throughout the day, there is no lack of contemplative corner where one could indulge in long leisure sips of single origins (favourites include Guatemala, Ethiopia and Silimakuta) with an overview of the spacious backyard. If single origin coffee doesn’t catch your fancy, simply opt for the customary choices like Cappuccino or Latte.

Not just relying on their wide-ranging list of caffeinated drinks, their allure also lies in their homely atmosphere. So be prepared to stay longer than planned, as time seems to dwindle once you’re there. That’s why the idea of spending a full day here is nothing short of compelling, and regulars sure know why.