Goni Arrives Bigger and Better

by Pingkan Palilingan
5th January 2016
Moving a few turns away from its previous establishment, Goni is now brewing in Kemang Timur with more space to enjoy coffee with a bigger party.

When a word got out about Goni planning to move to a bigger space, coffee enthusiasts couldn’t help but to wish that the news were true. And yes, the new Goni opened its doors at last, arriving on December as an early Christmas present for hopeful Goni customers.

Moving home a few turns away from its previous establishment, the new Goni is now tucked even deeper in Kemang Timur, an area often overlooked by Kemang frequenters. But isn’t this a good news for Goni regulars?

Those who have already attuned to the close interaction between barista-customer – courtesy of the compact space – that Goni is well known for, will find surprise in the new Goni. The new café has more room to enjoy coffee with a bigger party, where they can sprawl in a room that is almost triple the size of its previous space in Kemang Selatan. The upgrade continues on to its interior where the café now opts for more muted colours with unfinished touches on its furnishings, compared to the vibrant palette the previous Goni had been living in.

Mornings are usually crowded with early risers looking to get fuelled by Goni’s coffee. Meanwhile, after lunchtime is perfect to satisfy your don’t-disturb-me mode, where you can curl up in one of Goni’s nooks accompanied by caffeine (beans from Caswell’s, Smoking Barrels, Coffee Smith, or ask the barista for today’s special) and a slice of Goni’s cake or pastry.

It must be hard for residents of Kemang Selatan to bid farewell to Goni, but thankfully, the café’s new establishment is located only a short walk away from its previous place. Furthermore, it nails everything from location, service, to coffee. Indeed, Goni is still the warm neighbourhood café we are all familiar with.