Dine at Supper Sandwich & Burger

By Hana Oktavia A.
14th May 2021
Concealed amidst the bustling Cipete Raya street is the newcomer Supper, a compact burger joint that bids their patrons welcome with a jaunty, old-school atmosphere suggestive of New York diners and straightforward selections of stacked goods that make the case for guilty cravings.

Tucked a stone’s throw away from its BANSAN sibling, Cipete’s latest burger joint Supper Sandwich & Burger has attracted a pack of hungry comers for handful sloppies since their opening. Their popularity translated to news of their orders being sold out before closing hours, suggesting a surprisingly easy turn out for founders Gilang Candraditya, Paquita Genuschka and Almas Makitsuna, who have long dreamed of opening up a burger shop reminiscent of Brooklyn, New York, a fantasy that materialised into the overarching theme and appeal of this venture.

It’s no wonder, then, that their petite diner is fully-fledged with NY-esque anecdotes hung on their wall of fame. From the Yankees pinstripe cap, NBA jersey to prints flaunting signatures of the city (think images of jazz bars and old-school diners), everything is showcased alongside typical diner booths and bar seatings, checkered floors and wooden fixtures that amplify an atmosphere of a classic mom-and-pop’s diner. Elsewhere, collections of LP records can be seen adorning their corner, a sight reminiscent of BANSAN’s music posters and a testament to the founders’ love for music.

While spacious may not be the word to describe their nest, comers can either sit on the diner booths or the bar seatings that front their open kitchen if you’re down for a playful examination of mouthwatering buns and ground beef patties in the making. To wit, opting for their Proper Cheeseburger (125gr of housemade beef patty and melted cheddar cheese sandwiched between buttery buns) will come naturally for those who keep it classic. Goin’ Fishin, a fish fillet sandwich loaded with tartar sauce signature to BANSAN and Roasted (sandwiched slices of roast beef, cheese sauce and special gravy) are also the establishment’s favourite selections besides their fried chicken-based sandwiches, like Hot Chick, The Staple and Bun-San. For a well-rounded smasher, double it down by pairing your burger with their hand-cut fries or call for more add-on sauces.

Though their lineup might be short and sweet, it’s nothing like a proper burger that satisfies anyone’s craving for some smashing guilty treats. And thanks to its homey, albeit compact diner joint, a visit here may prompt the urge to stay a tad longer for a friendly chit-chat rather than head home after a great stack.