More BANSAN, Please!

by Hana Oktavia A.
27th November 2018
The new upbeat BANSAN whips up irresistible nanban bowls in the midst of the trendy Cipete neighbourhood.

In a city where Japanese eateries progressively expand, one may find yōshoku, or Western-influenced Japanese dishes, familiar. Seeing how almost every Japanese dining outlet, from posh establishments to fast food chains, compete to serve the Western-influenced Japanese food, like Chicken Nanban (chicken karaage doused in sweet and sour Nanban sauce and tartar served over rice). The idea of this dish has been so welcomed that it has become a staple go-to.

This gives BANSAN a reason to dwell in this sprawling metropolis, specifically in Cipete area, where its inhabitants dote on new F&B establishments. It hasn’t been a while since BANSAN rolled out its welcome mat, yet folks have been marching in and out of its lively little eatery for its comforting rice bowls.

Once you set foot in the trendy venue, you will be welcomed by the intensely youthful atmosphere: the waving Maneki-neko (The Beckoning Cat or Lucky Cat) neon mascot casting the room in red, a mural of old-school hip-hop posters stylishly adorning the wall, complete with tunes from the era playing on repeat —  unfolding exactly the establishment’s fondness for hip-hop culture. And lest we forget, the delicious and fragrant smell of the dishes being whipped up in the open kitchen is exactly what makes you stay.

When it comes to the menu, BANSAN sticks to a straightforward selection of rice bowls where each comes with its homemade tartar sauce. For a hint to your pick, take pleasure in its Triple Sauce Roast Beef that serves thinly sliced beef topped with tartar dressing over rice. Have a zest for spiciness? Well, it’s only fair to give its Fire Nanban a try. However, there can only be one dish that we all would have a yen for, and that is its best-loved O.G. Chicken Nanban.

It’s all too clear that by now, Cipete is brimming with coffee joints. And if you’re ever around the area seeking for a pre or post-coffee meal to continue your catch-up session, BANSAN opens its door wide to everyone. It’d be a mistake not to swing by for a bowl, and once there, have your chopsticks at the ready.