Common Grounds New Brunch Menu

by Manual Jakarta
9th January 2015
Brunch enthusiasts can now look forward to be spoilt for choice by Common Grounds’ new fun and imaginative brunch menu.

Who doesn’t love brunch? It is, perhaps, one of the best unions in the world of gastronomy. You wake up slightly later than usual and it is there for you. Your tummy is growling earlier than usual before lunchtime and it is there for you too. In short, brunch is like a “2-in-1” friend who got your back anytime in the day.

That’s why the launch of Common Grounds’ new brunch menu should come as wonderful news for the brunch devotees who swear by it. And one can also expect new updates on the usual brunch selections with delicious twist from the Common Grounds folks.

To wit, their Cinnamon Fruit Toast may look trivial but the surprise lays in Common Grounds’ very own homemade Cloak & Dagger (the café’s signature blend) Espresso butter. And also the toothsome Brülée French Toast with Date Reduction is made of brioche bread drenched in eggs and pan-fried until golden and served with berry compote and poached rhubarb. Not forgetting the tongue-in-cheek Naked Burito Bowl where Mexican rice, beef Chorizo, avocados and black beans are topped with guacamole, salsa, sour cream and feta cheese.

The new brunch menu also features quality artisan breads from BEAU by Talita Setyadi that can be found in choices such as, Smashed Avocado on Sourdough and Smoked Salmon on Sesame Seed Bagel.

The new menu proves that when it comes to brunch, there is no rule, just right. And you can leave it to Common Grounds to come up with more fun and imaginative brunch in the near future.