The Brunch Club in Potato Head

by Julius Kensan
5th June 2015
Brunch lovers have more reasons to wake up happy on weekends now with Potato Head’s new ‘Brunch Club’ menu that is guaranteed will give you an exciting stimulant to start off your day.

Barely a few weeks after launching its ‘Farm To Table’ menu, Potato Head is back again with ‘Brunch Club’ menu for those who are looking to start their weekend with something significant.

Crafted by chef Haruhisa Noguchi, ‘Brunch Club’ features a tight yet quality driven brunch selections while still manages to please everyone. Even for the jaded ones, it’s definitely easier to be swayed when you have eggs and waffles to greet you on the table.

Those who prefer savoury meal or just a hearty eater in general would find comfort in their egg dishes. Opt for prawn benedict served with Crustacean Hollandaise and baked eggs with Javanese pepper and sautéed vegetables for something less ordinary or you could go all ‘egg mode’ with their ‘eggslut’ (the name says it all) options.

But there are also plenty of alternatives for the sweet tooths. Dig into their crisp-on-the-outside-and-light-as-a-feather-within waffles to start the day or to simply end your savoury meal. If you’re swamped with choices, go for their waffle served with sliced bananas, almonds shaved chocolate and Bali cacao nibs. The latter would surely appease your sweet craving without having to make you feel sinful afterwards.

‘Brunch Club’ is also made using locally sourced ingredients, just like ‘Farm to Table’ menu, to ensure every bite is loaded with our motherland’s goodness. As such, with Potato Head, starting off your weekend in a good spirit is no longer a taxing challenge.


The Brunch Club is available every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 3pm.


Potato Head

Pacific Place Mall, Ground Floor 51A.

For reservations, call +62 21 57973322