From Farm to Table with Potato Head

by Julius Kensan
29th April 2015
Potato Head newly launched Farm to Table menu highlights the wonderful agricultural bounties that our vast Mother Land has to offer.

Indonesia is an archipelago made up of thousands of islands and is rich in biological, as well as agricultural diversity. Then why do so many established restaurants still find pride in serving imported ingredients on the menu? Surely finding the good stuffs is not impossible in our vast Mother Land.

Inspired by his time working under master chef Jean Georges Vongerichten (an early leader in the Farm to Table movement) in New York, Potato Head’s Executive Chef Haruhisa Noguchi is proud to unveil Farm to Table menu.

That means the establishment has taken a great effort to source for finest local produce, organic where possible, from local farms and markets. And this also doesn’t mean they only pay attention to main star ingredients such as ducks (Banten) and beefs (Lampung) but also equally important components like tomatoes (Cianjur, West java) and cocoa beans (Bali).

The menu features dishes as unfussy as Kale and Tomato Spaghetti (spaghetti with tomato and kale served with rocket and homemade lemon ricotta) to something more elaborate, such as the highly recommended Roasted Rack of Lamb (rack of lamb crusted with kenari nuts harvested on Makian Island in Moluccas).

But don’t worry if you’re unsure of what to choose when faced with such assorted options.

When even the simplest choice, such as Farm Salad (grilled organic baby vegetables and baby romaine lettuce served with garlic aioli and Java tamarind dressing) is done with aplomb, you know you could point to any options on the menu and not be disappointed with the outcome.

Good food aside, Farm to Table is also a great way to highlight the incredible quality of local produce. This practice is also “greener” as it reduced carbon footprint as compared to imported goods, which have to be flown in.  In addition, this Farm to Table approach to food means that you’re actually preserving the rich indigenous agriculture of Indonesia, one meal at a time.


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