Bake it Good at BEAU Bakery

by Erdira Wirengjurit
12th July 2019
BEAU Bakery branches to Panglima Polim where classic artisanal pastries are served fresh from the oven, and items like Ayam Geprek Waffle will stir the curiosity.

Who hasn’t heard of BEAU? The bakery is Talita Setyadi’s brainchild that aces the kind of French patisseries that make the mouth water. As they’ve grown to be a pioneer in artisanal baked goods in Jakarta, the café now extends its wings, after Cikajang, to Panglima Polim neighbourhood where they deliver their pastries fresh from the oven.

It has become BEAU’s signature to make their pastries and bread comme les francais (like the French). Their selection of viennoiseries comes aplenty: be it croissants, pain au chocolats, Danish and the likes, as well as assorted loaves of breads like rustic sourdoughs, baguettes, and challahs. The aroma that comes wafting will effortlessly convince you to go for a delightful treat. We understand the tough decision between the Apple Danish or Double Baked Raspberry Croissant. In that case, pick both and add a baguette to your basket to make your own sandwich at home.

While the baked goods are a must, BEAU’s selection of brunch, lunch and heavier fares are also not to miss. Specially prepped in their newest branch are two items that call the curiosity. First off, in the height of the boba mania, the BEAU-BA Pancakes comes with your favourite drink topping served on stacked pancakes with sweet cream cheese. This next one may not suit all taste buds, but the Ayam Geprek Waffle is there to leave an impression.

Whilst coffee and pastry might sound too froufrou, you will be spending this occasion with your like-minded friend or your sweet mother who’s been nagging for some quality time with her child.

In the patisserie vernacular, pastries are rightfully called artisanal if they’re handmade in the premises where they’re sold. Whereby BEAU’s home in Panglima Polim respects this tradition, lest we say: for pastries and bread, settle for the good ones.