by Pingkan Palilingan & Julius Kensan
7th October 2016
With a new headquarter in Cikajang, BEAU continues to do what it does best: delivering freshly baked goods for one to take comfort in time after time.

Squeezed between the much-gentrified areas such as Dharmawangsa and Gunawarman, the relatively narrow Cikajang Street wasn’t used to be as lively and popular compared to those neighbourhoods. But it’s a whole different story now, given a slew of new establishments are beginning to line what used to be a quiet street, which main function was to link two major roads.

BEAU definitely stands as one of the draws in Cikajang. This headquarter for the patisserie houses not only its office and kitchen, but also a spacious brunch place that stretches outdoor. It is also by far its biggest.

Those who find comfort in BEAU’s treats will be fully spoilt here. Apart from delicate sweet offerings shown in their encased glass counter by the cashier, bread and pastries are informally displayed in a rack by the main seating area, where its enticing shapes tempt you in.

What’s more, watching these pastries mould into shapes through a window that looks into their open kitchen is also an activity in BEAU. More than a move to show how its made, the latter highlights the establishment’s aim in providing a deserving platform for the chefs to be noticed and appreciated for what they do.

Heftier options are also abundant here with choices like sandwiches and smørrebrød. The latter is a Danish style open-faced sandwich, which arrives in variety of toppings and spread. Take, for instance, their delish Gravad Laks where slices of smoked salmon are joined with fresh beets, radish and microgreens atop dark rye bread. But if you’re more on keeping your breakfast light and easy, their granola bowl or kaya toast would be just as satisfying.

The indoor seating area throws a good balance between communality and individuality. There’s that communal table if you don’t mind having your brekkie with a piece of conversation with a total stranger next to you. Then there’s that “hole-in-the-wall” corner to satisfy your inner hermit nature with a combo of bread, coffee and a good read. Meanwhile, the outdoor seating is “reserved” for those who don’t mind slices of sunshine along with occasional din from the street.

Though the size of the operation has expanded, one thing that remains is no doubt BEAU’s consistency in delivering wholesome treats that recall their tagline – Taste, Texture, Form. Now one doesn’t necessary just pass by Cikajang anymore, but rather, with BEAU, there’s a solid reason to stay.