Bali Coffee Manual 2018

by Ayu Swasti & Pingkan Palilingan
1st November 2018
In an exclusive partnership with Herbana, Manual Jakarta is launching the special edition of Bali Coffee Manual 2018 that highlights recommended establishments to get your daily cup of coffee in the tropical paradise.

Upon hearing the word ‘Bali’, it’s not hard for anyone to immediately fantasise about its sandy beaches, bright sun and lush paddy fields. After all – as typical as it may often sound– it’s Indonesia’s prized paradise, where the island has consistently been holding the title as the tropical getaway for both local and foreign tourists.

While spice-laden Balinese cuisine and Western-influenced vegan food have stolen the scene in Bali, one beverage remains a staple and irreplaceable in the Island of the Gods: coffee. With the never-ending slew of expats and visitors finding refuge, the number of coffee shops has grown and caused the beverage to become part of the lifestyle on the island. Bali’s coffee scene undoubtedly deserves its own spotlight and recognition.

Since 2015, Manual Jakarta has been publishing Jakarta Coffee Manual that celebrates the capital city’s increasingly expanding coffee culture. This year, however, in a special partnership with Herbana, we have decided to expand our horizon and highlight Bali’s very own coffee scene by launching a special edition of Bali Coffee Manual 2018.

Bali Coffee Manual 2018 highlights 15 spots to get your coffee throughout popular areas of Bali – namely Canggu, Denpasar, Seminyak, Ubud, and Uluwatu. Apart from coffee shops, we’ve listed a couple of establishments that include a restaurant, café as well as a boutique hotel where all serve great cups of coffee of utmost finesse.

Exclusive to Bali Coffee Manual, in addition to the guide for your daily coffee, readers are also invited to get acquainted with three individuals from Bali: photographer Carol Kuntjoro, Co-Founder of Escalier and Canaan Bali Emmelyn Gunawan, and environmental activist I Wayan Jeki Pratama. Take a break from the coffee hunt, and hear from these three individuals the stories of their careers as well as daily routines.

Familiar with Jakarta Coffee Manual? Then you’d know what to expect; Bali Coffee Manual arrives with a little competition to motivate your coffee pilgrimage. You would need to collect a total of EIGHT coffee stamps on your stamp card from eight participating establishments in Bali (refer to the list at the end of the article) by purchasing a minimum of one coffee beverage. Once you’re done with hunting, fill in your personal details on the back of the stamp card, tear that page only and submit it to Titik Temu Coffee in Seminyak by 15 December 2018.

One lucky winner will be randomly selected to win a 3D2N staycation at a five-star boutique hotel in Bali. But even more, for every completed stamp card participants will receive a pack of balanceMADIA by Herbana upon dropping it off at Titik Temu Coffee. If you’re currently in Bali, then lucky you as this Bali Coffee Manual 2018 could only be found at selected participating establishments on the island (refer to the list at the end of the article).

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to get a good daily dose of caffeine while enjoying your time in paradise. We wish everyone a blast in their coffee adventure in Bali and we hope this would provide the chance for you to explore the other parts of the island you’ve never been to before.


Get your copy of Bali Coffee Manual 2018 and coffee stamps from the following establishments:

9/11 Café & Concept Store

Alter Ego

Expat. Roasters

Full Circle, a concept by Expat. Roasters


Seniman Coffee Studio

Suka Espresso

Titik Temu Coffee