ART Jakarta: A Highlight of Galleries to Visit

by Erdira WIrengjurit
23rd August 2019
ART Jakarta 2019 is set to hold the largest art fair in the southeast asian region with more than 70 local and international galleries participating to celebrate the fine arts scene with Indonesia at the heart of the ever-evolving field. We have compiled twelve galleries to look for on your next visit.

In the past several years, art across the country has seen an unparalleled growth of appreciation. It’s manifested by a sprouting number of independent art galleries in major cities where they exhibit the works of homegrown artists. It has become clear that there won’t be a deficit of artistic creators and appreciators in the local art scene anytime soon. It anchors a statement that fine arts is an ever-growing field in our culture where Indonesia emerges as a recognised force in Southeast Asia.

To celebrate and propel talents to the world, ART Jakarta 2019 is around the corner for their yearly grand art fair. The event is a platform that highlights hundreds of artists, local and international, whose works will be exhibited at participating galleries. With a wider range of audience, most of who are young with growing artistic sensibilities, this year’s ART Jakarta will be bigger as it encompasses more galleries nationwide and internationally in addition to the main fair set to be held at JCC Senayan from 30th August to 1st September.

For a glimpse into the works of artists around the Asian continent, we compiled a list of participating galleries at home and abroad to look for on your next visit.


  1. Art:1, Jakarta – Art:1 New Museum and Art Space is a fine art gallery concept that exhibits senior and emerging artists to support the local fine arts infrastructure.
  2. ROH Projects, Jakarta – ROH Projects is a gallery that seeks to grow its scope of artistic collaborations to entice new dialogues through fine arts beyond Jakarta.
  3. RUCI Art Space, Jakarta – As a young gallery, RUCI Art Space is among the few who has kept up with an increasingly creative-hungry audience to highlight and raise awareness about local emerging artists.
  4. Bale Project, Bandung – Bale Project is a platform that not only supports aspiring Indonesian artists, but also engages them to learn the business of the global art market.
  5. Kohesi Initiatives, Yogyakarta – Kohesi Initiative prepares homegrown talents to land significant achievements in their career, which ultimately develops the Indonesian art and cultural scene.
  6. Semarang Gallery, Semarang – The art gallery in Semarang is a dedicated venue that raises awareness on the contemporary art scene by connecting young talents to a growing audience of art appreciators.



  1. Gajah Gallery, Singapore – Though in Singapore, Gajah Gallery hosts contemporary artworks from the region with an emphasis on Indonesian contemporary arts by senior artists.
  2. Yavuz Gallery, Singapore – Yavuz Gallery is established to promote emerging artists representing the southeast asian continent in the realms of contemporary fine arts.
  3. Bluerider ART; Taipei, Taiwan – The gallery seeks to thread emotions with art as the form of language, with contemporary art with pioneering concepts as the main focus.
  4. Qi Mu Space; Beijing, China – Qi Mu Space explores the endless ways of integrating art, exhibitions and design to nurture Chinese contemporary art.
  5. Gallery YEH; Seoul, South Korea – YEH Gallery showcases the trends and movements of fine arts by exhibiting relevant works to the growing audience in Seoul.
  6. ANOMALY; Tokyo, Japan – ANOMALY enriches the realm of fine arts by delivering various formats of exhibitions, performances and talkshows all in the objective to nurture fertile soil to grow art.


ART Jakarta fair will be held at JCC Senayan from August 30th to September 1st. For more information about ART Jakarta 2019, visit