The Spirit of Art at ROH Projects

by Audrey Karina
23rd March 2016
Local art deserves more exposure. And ROH Projects underscores this by showcasing young and emerging contemporary artists, primarily from Indonesia, in their elegant and bright art gallery space at Equity Tower.

Armed with the tools of a science laboratory, Syaiful Garibaldi peers through microscopes to witness microorganisms teeming with life, and draws out sketches inspired by their movements and structures.

This unlikely pair of interests, biology and art, has resulted in an unorthodox solo exhibition by Syaiful at ROH Projects, that also encompasses sculptural and multimedia installations.

ROH, which translates to “spirit” in Bahasa Indonesia, is a contemporary art gallery housed in an office building called Equity Tower at Sudirman area. And the energy and excitement of young minds such as Syaiful’s, constitute important voices that ROH strives to represent.

Serving as a talent incubator, ROH showcases works from emerging artists in Indonesia in a well-lit gallery enclave that doubles as a wonderful sanctuary, where often you have the whole place to yourself.

Even though both Junior Tirtadji (Director) and Fiesta Ramadanti (Gallery Manager) believe in sharing art with the broader public in the hope that they support the artistic practice through their purchases, the focus ultimately goes beyond the commercialisation of art and extends to education.

The art space hosts complementary talks and events to accompany the solo exhibits, creating a platform for artists to interact with individuals who are curious about the ideas behind the works, in a two-way dialogue.

For instance, the recent ‘Artist Talk’ held on 9th March saw Syaiful delivering an engaging presentation about his collection titled ‘Quiescent’, as he journeyed through his thought processes, leaving audience pondering, “How can we learn to appreciate the seemingly invisible things around us?”

Subsequently, ROH aims to widen their scope to include rising artists from the Philippines and Singapore, as well as promote local artists’ work overseas.

Inside ROH, art gets a designated space. Outside, ROH contributes to the vitality of Jakarta’s local art scene. And in a bigger way, if art has the potential of generating a new sense of discovery, we should no doubt hope for more to follow in ROH Projects’ path.



ROH Projects

Equity Tower 40th Floor Suite E, Kav 52-53 SCBD, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta Selatan

+62 21 51402116


Operational Hours

Tuesday to Sunday : 11 am-7 pm

Monday                     : Closed