Lighting Up the Local Art Scene in Ruci

by Candy Anthrasal
9th June 2015
Ruci Art Space brings Art enthusiasts and the curious youths of Jakarta a stimulating experience in art while highlighting the essence of current cultural identity.

Setting foot into an art gallery can be intimidating. A fleeting glimpse to the surrounding and one may find himself lessened into an abbreviated piece of nothing. It is easy to speculate over the hollowness of the ambience; for unless you see yourself as an art connoisseur, the artworks seem to exude menacing air that is quite daunting for one. Hence today, seeing youngsters walk in to an art exhibition is sensibly rare. Whether it is the less amicable vibe the art casts or the hesitation to explore, the younger generation seems to be disinterested towards art.

Located in the densely populated district of Senopati, Ruci Art Space established a home for creativity to evolve. The word, Ruci, was taken from the Sanskrit word that means ‘the source of light’. Through the medium of art, Ruci strives to shed an enlightening light towards the apathetic crowds with gripping artworks by budding local artists that are based on life experiences and cultural knowledge.

Although rendered in cold monochromatic hues, Ruci is unmistakably warm and inviting. The airy and generous space allows visitors to get lost in their own thoughts without having the sense that you’re being constantly watched by judging eyes from afar. It also allows one to fully concentrate on an artwork before moving on to another.

As such, the casual mood of Ruci is established not only for the sake of putting the spotlight on contemporary artworks but it is done to engage the younger curious crowds as well. It’d be a mistake to expect only neatly composed artworks on the wall in this gallery. Again, thanks to its generous space, Ruci is able to involve all of visitor’s senses through artworks that employs unconventional mediums.

To wit, the current Kinez Riza‘s exhibition features a eerie dark room where one is faced with a moving projected image in “Ontogeny” causing one’s sense of balance to go slightly askew. In another, a piece of forest transported into a chilly, barely illuminated space complete with thick bed of dying leaves on the floor in “In the woods is perpetual youth” but, surprisingly, the sweet smelling “forest” induces stillness and security amidst the darkness.

Currently, this art space aims to feature four solo exhibitions on a yearly basis, together with side complements, such as creative dialogues, workshops and lectures to follow in between the main course.

Ruci Art Space serves as an amiable entry point for those who desire to educate themselves on the subject of Art or to simply imbued their mind with thought-provoking artworks for an analytical stimulant rather than the mind-numbing TV shows. The art scene and its dialogues in Jakarta is still pretty much in its juvenile state. Still, luckily for all of us, Ruci is here to shine us some light.


Ruci Art Space

+62 21 7279 9802


Operational Hours

Monday and Public Holidays : Closed

Tuesday to Sunday                     : 11am – 7pm