Zen Dining at Okuzono

by Erdira Wirengjurit
6th April 2018
With an arresting interior and semi-outdoor Japanese garden, Okuzono is all about amping up the Japanese cuisine experience.

Don’t let the simple and traditional front façade of Okuzono fools you, because beyond the entrance lies a spacious venue with a unique interior where the smell of food wafts out of the open kitchen. Even though a Japanese establishment in Senopati isn’t a novelty, Okuzono is a safe bet spot for fanciful lunch and dinner.

Okuzono’s venue doesn’t spare the awe. Carrying the Japanese love for refined simplicity and mind-peacefulness, the place marries modern minimalism with traditional roots. The tall glass walls at the far back give way to an enclosed Japanese garden surrounded by a few tatami rooms for patrons who desire privacy during meals. But upon entering Okuzono, one can’t miss the giant stack of wooden cubes right in the heart of it. What could be mistaken as a piece of decoration is actually a dining area made of small cubicles stacked on top of one another. But wherever you decide to settle, it is recommended to make a quick reservation beforehand because Okuzono’s popularity has been quick to attract nearby diners.

During lunch service, Okuzono offers lunch sets that comprise of a protein (ranges from sashimi to grilled meat), rice, Japanese omelette, a side dish and green tea.  The Black Wasabi Chicken Set is a grilled chicken drizzled with wasabi sauce. But for those who enjoy variety in their meals, Okuzono’s signature the Masu Sushi Trio Sets, are must-try where each comes with three different proteins served over rice, resembling deconstructed sushi rolls. To end the meal with a noteworthy conclusion, have a go at their Houji-Cha Brûlée, a roasted tea brulee.

Whereas during lunchtime Okuzono receives streams of white-collared workers, at night, the establishment turns into a venue where Japanese expatriates bring their families and colleagues for dinner and alcohol. The latter is aptly handled by Okuzono’s bar that continuously serves cocktails and other alcoholic beverages to patrons who usually linger around until late. Perhaps it’s the vibe that invites people to overstay their visit. But whether it’s day or night, you would bound to experience the same calming ambience of the establishment.