Take a Slurp at Yoisho Ramen

by Erdira Wirengjurit
20th February 2018
Bringing NYC-style ramen into the city, Yoisho Ramen is serving up dishes of the popular Japanese noodles with tasty twists like “kremes ayam.”

Japanese cuisine can be considered to be the fail-proof option among many other cuisines available in Jakarta due to its variety of food and a wide price range to suit any wallet. At Yoisho Ramen, as the name suggests, they offer eclectic interpretations of the dish in generous portions that will keep you full without putting a whole in your wallet.

Never claiming to be authentically Japanese, Yoisho Ramen is the first of its kind to bring NYC-style Japanese ramen into the city. But above all, how they translate their inspiration deserves a nod of recognition. The ramen in Yoisho creatively explore the multitude of ways to incorporate the things we love about food into a bowl of ramen.

Their personality shines through the act of combining ingredients like cheese, cayenne pepper, Korean Kimchi, “sambal” and even “kremes ayam” into harmony with the Japanese roots of a traditional ramen. Using only locally sourced ingredients, the dish at Yoisho Ramen are skillfully made in-house. From the chicken broth to the hand-made noodles along with the variety of unexpected twists, a bowl of their ramen is bound to give your tastebuds a flavour of the melting-pot.

Which is why a trip to Yoisho Ramen is a trip to be savoured. Their beverage options serve as a gentle reminder that their food is made to be enjoyed without the pressure of time. While pairing freshly pressed juices with ramen sounds odd, they are a refreshing way to wash down the fulfilling meal. Their “Watermelon Soju” is a fun one to share. But for those who believe that less is more, the familiar options are always offered.

First-timers will be taken aback by the options on offer, but keeping an open-mind will yield you rewards. Who would have thought that “kremes ayam” would go so well on a ramen. Well, you will be surprised.