The Second Episode of Y : Collect

by Marissa Irene Uli
28th March 2017
Returning after two years, Y : Collect 2.0 explores the significance and joy found in art collecting, through a showcase of exclusive art collections from five young local collectors.

Art collecting has always been a notion of a niche grand hobby. However, Y : Collect allows that common connotation to be broken by showcasing young art collectors who constantly questions themselves between the arts to collect and their financial limitation. This exhibition highlights art collections of five figures – namely Paula Dewiyanti, S. Santosa, Dian Sastrowardoyo, Marissa Soeryadjaya and Simon Tan – and explore their self-journey into finding self-definition, significance or social/political advocacy through the artwork they collect.

Originally started in 2015, and now in its second instalment, Y : Collect 2.0 is an exhibition held in Ruci Art Space that focuses on the collectible artworks, which are particularly made by transitory materials. Thus, upon the first glance, it might be odd to spot an unconventional material used for the 26 artworks exhibited, but each resonates a sense of self-definition and worldview of the artists as well as the collectors.

For instance, Paula Dewiyanti loves to collect artwork that reflects an emotion or a memory. In one of her art collections, a mix media display “Part of Life” by Wisnu Auri, is made up of found objects such as old state-run lottery papers, economic journals, and mundane paperwork; reflecting on the past economic issue of gambling in Indonesia that is interestingly a part of history worth to reflect on. In another case, S. Santosa collects artworks that focus on banal everyday activities; for example, of Cinanti Astria Johansyah’s painting of a girl looking straight to the observer. Meanwhile, Simon Tan’s collection reflects his fascination towards non-realistic artworks such as Handiwirman’s paintings, drawings, and objects that often question what is natural or normal.

Walking through this exhibition, discover how these young art collectors are able to participate in an activity that is usually considered as posh into something more casual, while at the same time nurturing a self-discovery through art pieces and paying a special tribute to local contemporary art. If they can maybe you can too.


Y : Collect 2.0 opens from 11am to 7pm through March 18th – April 9th 2017 at RUCI Art Space.