Woodpecker: Hatched and Ready for Flight

by Julius Kensan
20th August 2014
Compact space did not stop Woodpecker from delivering a simple yet arresting café that enhanced the basic coffee experience in Panglima Polim.

After months of “nesting”, Woodpecker has finally hatched and called the district of Panglima Polim its home. Started by Mark Soetantyo – one of the founders of Common House, Woodpecker adds another charming spark to the already burgeoning coffee scene of Jakarta.

The café is compact but is by no means claustrophobic. As if with nothing to hide, the interior of Woodpecker is totally opened and exposed with glass wall exterior that is generously framed with black steels. A huge slab of rectangular concrete sits in the middle of the room as its counter that also doubles up as a communal table. Best spot to be if you prefer your coffee to come with some conversation with baristas or strangers.

The choice of coffee is straightforward with little fuss – Americano, Latte and Piccolo – that helps guests to easily identify their favourite choice in this compact café in no time. Post-lunch hour in Woodpecker often sees a steady stream of young stylish crowd steadily pouring into this cosy café. Without a doubt, Woodpecker is already slowly establishing itself as the meeting point for the individuals among the creative industry.

They say early bird gets the worm. Woodpecker may not be new to the café culture in Jakarta but it has successfully carved out its own territory with their simple yet arresting café that enhanced the basic coffee experience. And now it is ready to take flight.