Waha Kitchen’s Breakfast for Champion

by Julius Kensan
23rd October 2014
Kosenda Hotel’s Waha Kitchen has launched a new and improved breakfast menu (buffet plus ala carte) to kick start the day. Now you have more reasons to set the alarm early.

Waha Kitchen, a restaurant known for its flavour-packed Peranakan dishes, has unveiled its new and improved breakfast menu. The establishment, also serving as the breakfast spot for the Kosenda Hotel’s guests, is not contend with just offering the usual breakfast buffet nor only the ala carte breakfast selections.

Instead, those who wake up early for Waha Kitchen’s breakfast will be treated to the dream of every breakfast lover: breakfast that includes both buffet and ala carte selection (choose ONE from the menu).

Start off light and simple, over at the buffet counter, with chicken congee and a slice of toast or a small bowl of cereal before moving to heavier selection. Big Brekky (eggs, mushroom, sausage, avocado, baked beans and potato cake) and Eggs Benedict are great options for those who wake up with a hearty appetite in the morning. Alternatively, opt for the no-brainer signature WAHA Fried Rice for something easy and familiar.

Then, aid your digestion with an array of tropical fruit juices over the counter. Their pulpy orange juice will most likely to seal the breakfast experience but for a change of scenery, the establishment also provides fresh coconut water that invokes a summer holiday morning.

It’s hard not to be swayed by Waha Kitchen’s generous breakfast offering. If there is a breakfast that a champion wakes up to, this is it.


Waha Kitchen Breakfast – IDR 150.000++/person

Weekdays: 6am – 10am

Weekends: 6am – 11am