The Valentine’s Anthem

by Pingkan Palilingan
10th February 2017
Ahead of Valentine’s Day, we get five noted local musicians to share with us their favourite songs that speak of love and beyond.

There are plenty of ways for one to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but whether you’re setting up a romantic dinner with the significant one or, perhaps, dating your bed and blanket, a proper soundtrack is mandatory to get you through the day.

Instead of adhering to “Top 50 Love Songs of All Time” on Spotify, we turn to our favourite local musicians to find out their recommended playlists for Valentine’s Day, be it a celebration of love or proud declaration of singlehood.


Polka Wars

To Polka Wars, this year’s Valentine’s Day playlist hits on the more sombre side of love. The band zeroes in on the French word le mepris, meaning contempt, as the theme for their Val’s Day playlist. “Breaking out of a contemptuous relationship is hard,” says Xandega Tahajuansya, speaking on behalf of the four-piece band. “You’ll fall into a hysterical abyss, but then you’ll find sweetness in solitude.” If this strikes a chord with you, then the following songs are probably just what your wounded heart needs for the occasion.


La Question by Françoise Hardy

“One of the best songs from Françoise Madeleine Hardy’s best album. Probably one of the best French songs of all time.”


Theme de Camille by Georges Delerue

“Definitely one of the best film scores ever from one of the most heartbreaking films ever.”


Doce Solidão by Marcelo Camelo

“It makes you feel the beauty in solitude in one song.”




Spending her childhood poring over jazz and soul tunes, Neonomora turns to legendary jazz musicians to find comfort for this year’s Valentine’s Day – Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, two singers that have greatly shaped Neonomora’s music. Here are three songs that pay homage to the joy of falling in love, selected by Neonomora.


How High The Moon by Ella Fitzgerald

“Because despite having awarded for a Grammy Hall of Fame for a song that has ‘qualitative and historical significance’, who would resist a classic love song on a Valentine’s Day? It will take you as high as the moon.”


Love Has Made You Beautiful by Joss Stone

“It’s my very own personal favourite. I used to listen to this track five times a day; it’s like doing prayers back in my early 20s. The lyrics, the chords, her voice, everything in it is a paragon of what honest music really is.”


If Dreams Come True by Billie Holiday & Ella Fitzgerald

“I just happened to download this song on iTunes. I have the record on a cassette and had no idea before that it’s on iTunes. Pretty surprised ‘cos you can hear the grain of the old recording, yet it’s digital. The instrumental part – later layered with these two dangerously soulful singers give you chills, as if you’re about to have your dream coming true.”



Elephant Kind

Elephant Kind brings a rather eclectic selection for Valentine’s Day. Of course, this coming from a band that refuses to be identified and confined to one specific genre. From Kanye West to Sheila On 7, find out what each member of Elephant Kind has to say about their Val’s Day song pick.


Bound 2 by Kanye West

“I never heard a better love story in a song.” (Bam Mastro, singer / guitarist)


There Is by Box Car Racer

“As a kid who grew up in a new school punk rock era, Tom Delonge has become one of the most influential figures at that time. He even has this side project called Box Car Racer. One of my favourite tracks from the band, “There Is”, is always in my Valentine’s playlist.” (Bayu Adisapoetra, drummer)


Kau Kini Ada by Sheila On 7

“If you want to show how grateful you are for the presence of someone you care about, this track might be the right one.” (Dewa Pratama, guitarist / keyboardist)




Kimo Rizky and Kalulla Harsynta Esterlita of KimoKal just want to “represent every aspects of life that nothing is perfect and it’s fine – especially if you feel heartbroken.” And even though one is very likely to be bombarded with posts of couples, the duo thinks it’s important to “enjoy the fact that Valentine’s Day is just another day that you have to go through in life.”


Siberian Breaks by MGMT


Break Apart by Bonobo ft. Rhye


Chimera by HANA