Unlocking The Chamber

by Hilda Nathalia Raina
12th October 2021
Walk up a few flights of stairs past architects at work, and you’ll spot The Chamber. Propped on the rooftop deck of Get Back Coffee and Associated Architects studio, the creative space quilts culinary experience, art, and music into an explorative treat.

On a regular day, the rooftop deck above Get Back Coffee and architecture firm Associated Architects serves a library and sound space for creatives, mostly architects, around the area to spend their breaks scanning over books and vinyls. On the weekends, it’s a different story. Their doors are open to those in the know and in search of a casual and intimate gathering over quality food and good music. 

To one side is a homey set-up of sofas and stacked shelves, exhibiting an impressive selection of architecture books, vintage LPs and a turntable with a sound system to match. All in all, the friendly arrangement lends the charm of a collector’s living room; barring some, the items on display belong to founder and architect Pak Zamzam. Together with Rifky Krismon, the pair established The Chamber as a space where frequenters can enjoy art, food, and music in a relaxed setting. From jazzy grooves of Earth, Wind & Fire to the warmth of Sundanese pop tunes from Lilis Surjani, their collection boasts a broad range of genres to accentuate the experience. 

Here, informality is encouraged. The Chamber dispels conventional constructs of fine dining with a casual atmosphere, befitting its playful nickname, ‘fun dining’. With an extended terrace, the compact room comfortably accommodates groups up to 12a capped maximum for reservations. 

For the menu, chef Dony Kumala of Cafe Batavia leaves it to the season’s bests. He devises dishes out of his weekly findings in the local market: whether a plate of snapper, sourdough croustillant, zucchini, fine herbs salad and kemangi (lemon basil) beurre blanc or snapper tartare and asinan buah (pickled fruit), he crafts each menu uniquely and marries Nusantara flavours with intricate French cooking techniques. Alluding to hints of mystery and excitement, at The Chamber, patrons will be up for discovery at every visit.