Unit Produksi Berita

by Marissa Irene Uli
5th May 2017
In Unit Produksi Berita exhibition, artist Nindityo Adipurnomo created a series of paintings based on the criticisms and feedbacks on his original painting from ten individuals with different backgrounds.

We often look at artworks and form own understanding of it. However, what goes through one’s mind not be necessarily the same with others. In Unit Produksi Berita, artist Nindityo Adipurnomo enlisted ten individuals from different professional backgrounds. Each of them were given an artwork of the artist and were tasked to provide with feedback of any kinds, be it comment or criticisms.

Using that exchange of information, Nindityo created a series of artworks that combined both the output of artist and spectators. In one of them, Jo Elaine took a picture with the original painting, depicting a half of a woman’s face, in facial mask as she expressed a speculation of the woman’s concealed emotion. That resulted in the final piece of the artwork where it is a painting of her questioning the original painting.

Through this exhibition, viewers are presented with the process of the artworks, that started from the artist to the ten individuals and back to the artist again. It opens up a dialogue on how not everyone perceive artwork the same way, which is perhaps subconsciously rooted in gender and profession.

Unit Produksi Berita runs from April 27th to May 17th, 2017 at Dia.Lo.Gue Arts-space.