Welcome Back to Twin House

by Pingkan Palilingan
2nd June 2016
The new and improved Twin House reveals a charming living room-like space that speaks a lot of home, with a sprawling green backyard to boot.

Those who live around Cipete area must have noticed how the neighbourhood has undergone a facelift lately. With new establishments popping up, it has led to some of the established ones to step up their game.

That’s why when Twin House closed down for a couple of months last year, it’s easy to suspect that the establishment might haven’t been able to survive the competition. Of course, that’s far from the truth. Until recently, what used to be an open pavilion is now a good-looking, living room-like space complete with an all-encompassing white bricks.

It’s not difficult to be smitten with the new Twin House the moment one sets foot at the eatery. The establishment’s square-shaped space is adorned with objects that would remind you of “home”, such as cushions and framed pictures emblazoned with jovial and heartening quotes, suggesting the mood of hanging out at your best friend’s home.

In terms of menu, Twin House finds itself in the middle ground between Asian and Western delights that would effortlessly appeal to anyone. Options like fried dory fish with sambal matah and gyu don, would immediately strike the right chord with those with an Asian palate. While Monterey Chicken, sandwich, fish and chips fall within the Western line-up. One absolutely shouldn’t look past the Sweets section that flaunts Banoffee Pie and their fluffy Red Velvet Pancake, which is one of those desserts you prefer to savour on your own.

The establishment also serves as a “transit” for regulars, such as housewives who seek respite from the afternoon heat while waiting to pick up their kids from nearby schools. And judging by their sprawling backyard, it’s not far-fetched to assume that it could very well be the establishment’s most valued asset. Well played, indeed.