A New Chapter for Turning Point

by Pingkan Palilingan
22nd March 2018
Turning Point's new location is easily the most talked about establishment in the neighbourhood, thanks to its consistent coffee and arresting interior.

Gading Serpong is home to many a coffee shop, but Turning Point is one that stands out the most. As one of the first coffee shops to reside in the said neighbourhood, Turning Point quickly becomes a go-to spot for specialty coffee to residents in the area. And now, it turned heads again with the launch of its new home.

Still located in the same strip of ruko — only a stone’s throw away from the previous place — the overall impression of the new Turning Point is one of a spectacle. Comes with two floors of seating space and a gallery on the third floor, the whole three-storey space is designed by Antony Liu of the noted architecture firm Studio TonTon, who also injects his fondness of whales to the space (mural of whales, whale-shaped bathroom mirror as well as coffee trays).

The interior is dominated witha combination of acrylic, glass and wood. It emits a different feel compared to the previous one, where, a day spent at the new space will evoke that of a slow afternoon in a remote café in Japan. The indirect lighting carries the job further by casting a warm glow that is easy on the eyes.

And let’s not forget about the gallery on the third floor, an impressive space intended for art exhibition and installation. Though open only on certain days for a limited amount of visitors, customers of Turning Point may steal a look at what’s going on from downstairs through the gallery’s transparent acrylic floor.

But of course, none of this would be perfect without the company of their coffee. When it comes to quality, rest assured you’ll be in good hands. However, coffee is not the only option, and customers can enjoy the fact that there’s something to suit every mood. Rainy days are great for a cup of hot Pandan Latte, while scorching days, a glass of Kaffee Lemonad. Brunch and lunch cravings are solved without trouble, with their eggs benedict, bao, pasta, and many more on the list.

Coffee, food, ambience; with all these points in check, visitors are bound to stay longer than intended in Turning Point’s new home. The neighbourhood got to thank this coffee shop for bringing their name way beyond the borders of Tangerang.