Daily Grind at Tujuhari Coffee

By Cindy Julia Tobing
28th January 2020
Whether to work or simply there for a cuppa, go-getters should feel right at home at Tujuhari Coffee for some creative and productive hours.

When the office work setting becomes too rigid for one’s liking, it’s easy to revert to coffee shops for a breath of fresh air. The common sights these days are those who want to have a meeting or get some work done alone. Banking on the concept, Tujuhari Coffee in Dharmawangsa offers a space where exchange of dynamic dialogues and creation of ideas can take place, all the while offering specialty coffee and some light bites to boot.

Situated amongst the shophouses at Grand Wijaya Center, Tujuhari stands out with its striking steely façade. The same grey hue is transposed onto the café’s interiors, with furniture that is organised to fit your party for the day: from solo digital nomads to group meetings, all is set for a productive day. Though compact, the café is designed to accommodate one’s day of work. Mainly at the ‘productivity chamber’, working space meets a small performing stage, complemented by a vinyl station and mini library for in-between leisures to reboot your motivation before duties resume

Set like a multipurpose venue, Tujuhari houses activities that range from talks and art exhibitions to fashion presentations and live gigs. With the space’s open and flexible features, there’s a little bit of everything that one can indulge at the place.

All day’s work won’t be complete without a fresher or two, so the cafe’s beverage offerings would make do to fuel your brain. For a coffee fix, get your daily dose of Kopi Harian, the café’s customary es kopi susu. Then, there’s the Specu Latte, a fusion of milk with the popular Dutch biscuit, Speculaas, for a perfect creamy chiller in the heat. Not feeling caffeine? Mocktails can deliver. Do try the Berry Busy, a blend of strawberry, cranberry and lychee topped with the much-adored Yakult. Though not much on the grubs, visitors can make do for some delectable chips and fudge brownies for that sweet and salty smack.  

Coffee shops are synonymous with downtime, but Tujuhari is designed so that you could be productive while at it. With an apt atmosphere and delectable offerings to accompany your daily grind, a trip to Tujuhari is set to be a well-rounded one.