A Trip to Publik Markette

by Julius Kensan
8th April 2015
Publik Markette’s unabashed Food Gallery reassures all foodies out there that gluttony is not a sin; it’s just a way of life.

While “we eat to live” is an undisputable fact, the term “we live to eat” is a close reminder, in this day and age, on why the act of eating itself has become more than just an activity to fill your growling stomach.

Publik Markette, no doubt, piously commits to the latter statement with great endearment. Located in Grand Indonesia Mall, it’s easy to lump this establishment as just another restaurant in the mall’s directory map. But, it’s hard for Publik Markette to go unnoticed anyway. The restaurant is spacious, bedecked with some eye-catching plaid cushion chairs and adorned generously with green plants.

But of course, as with any good restaurant, the trump card still has got to be the food. Unlike typical restaurant, Publik Markette’s focus is on its Food Gallery, which means a smorgasbord of mouth-watering food is laid out before you like how one would display them in a crowded traditional market. All you have to do is just leisurely point at what catches your fancy then head back to your seat, sip on fresh juice and wait for them to arrive.

While the food subjects (Salmon, Beef Ribs, Pork Belly) remain pretty much the same, the treatment changes daily. That means the crispy pork belly on your table may be cooked in another way on your next visit.

Those who are looking to catch the Food Gallery in operation need to visit this establishment in the peak hour, which naturally falls on lunch (11am-3pm) and dinner (6.30pm-9.30). Still for those who missed the timing or prefer to firmly plant themselves on position once seated may opt for their a la carte menu where its crowd-pleaser choices, such as Angus Sirloin Steak and Boneless Beef Short Ribs, are just as good as their “siblings” in the Food Gallery.

Drinks wise, they are just as diverse as its Food Gallery. Publik Markette’s coffee menu is in the hands of the popular Djournal Coffee while its signature house cocktail menu also features amusing names that are inspired by iconic characters from famous movies, such as The Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street) and Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (Alice in Wonderland).

For those who find dining on inside too stifling, park yourself in the al fresco section. Here, one gets the chance to warm up their cold limbs from the freezing air-conditioner of office or the mall and soak up the sunshine while digging into the sumptuous meal.