Très Très Chicory

by Julius Kensan
25th June 2014
Chicory has all the makings of a sophisticated café – classy interior, inviting atmosphere and fresh well-made pastry done with aplomb.

Located just a stone throw away from Jakarta’s famous “Welcome Statue” (Bundaran HI), Chicory is a prime example that not every establishment needs to shout for attention, especially when it’s placed in one of the most prime spots in Jakarta.

Smacked in the middle of idle Sumenep Street, Chicory is small, winning and unassuming. In fact, its presence is so “hushed” that it’s easy to pass by it unnoticed. But their impressive pastry more than makes up for it. The selection is familiar and uncomplicated with various options of Compote, Profiterole, Tart and Pie.

While the pastry may come across humble and simple in appearance, the taste speaks volume of the quality and attention that are being put into it. Indeed, it is easy to be fickle minded when in Chicory, but one can rest assured that no matter what the choices is, it is done with aplomb. Patrons are able to complement their pastry – with the customary choices of coffee, but it is highly recommended to pair them with Chicory’s signature homemade Hot Chocolate.

Chicory only uses the freshest ingredients that they can lay their hands on. So it is pointless to have a favourite because the menu changes every day. But that very fact also heightens the sense of surprise in every visit.

The establishment’s ambience is elevated with clean white walls decorated with whimsical illustrations and large windows that allow plenty of sunlight. It’s definitely one of the chichest spots in town to spend one’s afternoon.