Tokyo Skipjack Sizzles

by Julius Kensan
11th March 2014
In Tokyo Skipjack, cravings for steak are fixed, fast and good at the same time.

There is no beating around the bush in Tokyo Skipjack. Only one thing matters here, and it is the steak. Located in Blok M, the semi-outdoor establishment is a casual spot for those who want their cravings of steak fixed fast and good at the same time.

There are only three simple things to mull over here. First, it’s the choice of either US or NZ beef. Then comes the selection of side dishes. It is here that the Japanese elements reveal itself. Their Mitsuba Mash – creamy mashed potato sprinkled with Japanese parsley, Mitsuba and Green Salad with tangy Japanese salad dressing are great change from the usual options of corn on the cob and fries.

Lastly, pick from four sauces to complement your steak. If you’re feeling adventurous, Wasabi Butter or Japanese Chimicurri – a Japanese take on Argentina’s national steak sauce, is available to match your vigor. Stick to either BBQ or Creamy Mushroom sauce, to go with your mood for a good ol’ steak.

Tokyo Skipjack consistently draws a great deal of crowds, especially on the weekend. Even though the service may be a little patchy, a visit to Tokyo Skipjack is rewarding when you are already clear with what you want. But most importantly, just be sure to bring your appetite along.