Old and New with Titik Temu Sarinah

by Anwar Arifin
27th April 2022
Titik Temu’s sixth and newest establishment in Sarinah is a celebration of the old and new, combining the brand’s community-forward designs with an expanding menu lineup that set the outlet apart from its siblings.

Situated within the time-honoured confines of Sarinah, Titik Temu’s (stylised as .TEMU) newest outlet aligns with many of the principles held by the shopping centre’s latest transformation: to provide a community space that provides a modernised backdrop for local crafts and establishments to shine.

Through thoughtful design, Titik Temu communicates these ideals further. Tables can easily be rearranged and long sofa benches are present to accommodate the district’s nine-to-fivers, from the lone worker glued to their laptops with a side of coffee, colleagues looking to fill their bellies during lunch break, to larger meetings or after-work nibbles.

Yet the attentive nature of its interiors does not stop there, as the core of its visual design is imbued with hints of locality, even down to the minute details. The black, stair-shaped ceiling is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Javanese Joglo houses, marble and wooden furniture are locally sourced, and in line with Javanese beliefs that corners shouldn’t be sharp, the front wooden panel is void of any pointed edges. 

While still maintaining its identity as a social space, this time around Titik Temu took on a more ambitious approach when it comes to its menu. Exploring beyond café staples like pastries and sweets as well as their quality coffee offerings, the dishes on offer lean towards a fusion of familiar native ingredients and global influences alongside a curation of refreshing mocktails. For example, their Coconut Husk Smoked Beef Tongue is coated with rica sambal, while their Betawi Lamb Shank is glazed with soy and bathed in soto Betawi broth. Both of which go down nicely with a tall, sweet glass of Sunshine Splash.

The desserts also come with their own stories to tell. Aptly named Terasering Tart, the dark chocolate crémeux with crumbles and coconut ice cream is shaped like a sloped plane, much inspired by the chef’s personal memories of Bali’s famed rice terraces. There’s also the Montong Brulle, an Indonesian twist on a French classic, crème brûlée, that features a durian-infused custard base under a thin layer of caramel.

More than an expression of communal spaces and local perspective, Titik Temu in Sarinah stands out for its culmination of the past and present: a culinary cocktail of the nation’s traditions and present-day values.