Three Folks Heads South

by Sandy Indahsari
26th September 2017
Three Folks has branched out to South Jakarta offering a quiet hideout with their coffee and artisanal ice cream.

West Jakarta-based ice cream and coffee shop, Three Folks has opened its second location in the South. This time, the Japanese-inspired establishment occupies an airy space in the mezzanine area of Cilandak14 guesthouse, providing artisanal ice cream, coffee and simple fare in the comfort of a residential complex.

Located behind Cilandak Town Square (Citos), their new abode sits cosily within the neighbourhood. It’s impossible to ignore the inviting floor-seating area looking out towards the swimming pool below. Plus, with its glass windows and high ceiling, the space is filled with natural light throughout the day.

The bigger space also comes with an improved and more extensive menu. For food, patrons have the pleasure to opt for Three Folks’ all-time favourite, Chicken Nanban Don and Japanese style cheesy potato pancake, Jagaimo Cheese. To satisfy your palate further, new Indonesian dishes have been added to the menu, such as Ayam Sambal Kecombrang and Ayam Melinjo Cabe Ijo.

Mornings are usually filled with residents from Cilandak14 enjoying a cup of coffee accompanied by morning read to start their day. Once the sun has set, families can be seen indulging in the establishment’s popular Salted Honey Granola ice cream, while groups of students kick it back with their iced lattes and affogato. Coupled with the hideaway quality, this new branch from Three Folks is quickly setting itself apart from its predecessor with ease.