The Spirited Caspar

by Julius Kensan
13th May 2022
Caspar delivers quintessential Spanish cuisine, such as tapas and paella, that sits comfortably amongst offerings in modern interpretations. Come evening, the restaurant also transforms into a popular venue in the city to see and be seen.

Located within The Orient hotel, the Spanish restaurant Caspar offers different vibes depending on the time of your visit. Designed by the maximalist architect Bill Bensley (who is responsible for the hotel’s design as well), dining in Caspar during the day comes with a feast for the eyes. 

The entire ceilings and walls of the establishment are fully lined and decorated with a medley of teakwood cupboards and drawers, creating a sort of ‘Inception’-esque sensation that is both tactile and entertaining. Apart from the hotel guests, lunchtime also sees executives from nearby corporate towers indulging in classic dishes, such as the squid ink paella while in deep discussion over business matters and global happenings.

Once sundown, Caspar takes on a more hedonistic atmosphere. Lights are dimmed and the restaurant becomes a spot for the city’s urbanites as they catch up with peers over dinner. Noticeably, tapas are a popular choice in the evening, of which executive chef Rafael Martinez Millan delivers a list that is both varied and selected. Traditional options like the grilled octopus, croquette and patatas, sit comfortably amongst ones with contemporary interpretations. Case in point, the Broccoli Canalla involves deep-fried tempura broccoli with kimchi mayonnaise.

The ambience gets even livelier further into the night during live D.J. performances, once the guests have downed a couple of cocktails and head to the dance floor. The tantalising buzz is sometimes offset by amusing moments from unsuspecting first-time hotel guests who find themselves cutting through the stylish crowd to get to the hotel lift. 

Introverted foodies looking to experience Spanish cuisine will no doubt do well to visit during the day. Otherwise, the energetic scene of Caspar in the evening makes it a popular venue in the city to see and be seen.