The Sounds of Kila Kila

by Pingkan Palilingan
3rd August 2016
Supported by Akasya, Kila Kila serves what is close to the heart: Indonesian cuisine that is tastefully done.

Kila Kila means “sounds of joy” in Sanskrit; displaying its hope in creating a blissful experience for all its visitors. Indeed, the pressure is there on Kila Kila. However, being supported by Akasya Catering means Kila Kila has no trouble in establishing itself a solid reputation.

For the unitiated, Akasya Catering is a lauded catering company that is considered a pioneer in the local catering business. The fact that it is supported by Akasya which boasts an impressive CV – including the time when they provided the catering for the wedding of ex-President Susilo B. Yudhoyono’s son – offers a glimpse on what to expect from Kila Kila.

This establishment serves what is close to the heart, Indonesian cuisine that is tastefully done. To begin with, the Sate Wagyu Kila Kila would testify to that as it has been the crowd’s favourite. From seafood, Udang Telor Asin impresses with its salted egg yolk sauce that accentuates their stout, juicy prawns.  And finally, their Tumis Bunga Pepaya – a tricky dish that is often despised due to its bitterness – will undoubtedly cause people to reconsider this commonly unpopular dish.

Walking into the establishment offers a unique treat in itself; by the time the elevator dings open to Kila Kila, dozens of rotating pinwheels (Kila Kila’s trademark) will be the first sight to greet you, signifying the restaurant’s amicable nature. The restaurant is divided into two areas: to the left, the non-smoking area and to the right, the “semi-open” space. The latter, a bright and airy area, also offers a relaxing experience of dining one would rarely get in the SCBD area.

It is this ability to carry itself effortlessly from day to night that draws the crowd from the nearby district. But whether you’re here for a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer, rest assured you can never go wrong with their flavour-packed Indonesian fare.