At Home in The Penthouse

by Erdira Wirengjurit
4th September 2019
The Penthouse by The Papilion may strike as a posh condo, but it's in fact an establishment where you can brunch, dine and lounge with extra treats of fancy in one homey place.

It’s safe to say that a majority of us wasn’t brought up in opulence. And while there’s everything beautiful with leading a perfectly content life in all its simplicity, it has never stopped any one to feel a little curious (if not slightly envious) of what a sumptuous life would be like if we were in the shoes of the lucky 10 per cent.

Cue in The Penthouse by Papilion. Located at the top floor of the Papilion glass house in Kemang, this establishment that strikes intently as a personal condo is in fact a running restaurant that will make you feel at home with a dash affluence. While you’re here, a session of play-pretend would be a harmless fun while you dine and wine with a handful of your favourite people.

Who wouldn’t want to? The Penthouse serves for every meal of the day and has the fashionable layout of a dream apartment. Each room of the “flat” serves different purposes with food to accompany the occasion. Where you find the Pantry Room and the Living Room, breakfast is served buffet style with an ample choice of viennoiseries such as croissants et pains au chocolats and breads to choose from. Come for lunch and the menu of the day is Indonesian homestyle food cooked by the in-house chef.

The dark and neutral toned the Dining Room, on the other hand functions as a regular restaurant geared towards Japanese and western cuisine that yet another chef will prepare in the open kitchen right where you’ll be dining. Indeed, the restaurant mimics the ideal dining room setting for entertaining in style with rows of wine being showcased for your pick. Speaking of style, the Library Room is where you’d have your closest circle of friends for the nightly drinks. The lounge radiates a handsome allure, an opposite of the bright and feminine Pantry Room, that boastfully embraces relaxed gathering sessions among friends to end the night on a high note. For even more intimate gatherings for the ladies, the Gossip Room is one to peek into shall you want the intimacy for your party.

Much like spending a day in your home, there’s about everything you need in The Penthouse for a homey quality time, but with extra treats of fancy for those who desire it.