The Joy of Petik

by Julius Kensan
20th November 2017
Not satisfied with just providing the usual choices of juice, Petik throws in often overlooked ingredients, such as lotus roots and bitter gourds into their range of smashing bright colourful juice.

The popularity of juice is definitely not waning anytime soon. It’s not surprising that other than celebrities, more and more people are adding fresh juice into their daily routine. It’s an effective and practical way to acquire the necessary nutrients needed by the body in a hectic lifestyle within a fast-paced city like Jakarta.

It’s nice to know that independent juicery like Petik is committed in creating a range of juice that is firmly rooted in health and wellness. Apart from the amazing and complex taste, its selection of juice blends together vegetables, fruits and even herbs to bring various benefits. One of their popular picks, Asam Harum combines turmeric, carrot, tamarind, apple and lemon.

But Petik is not afraid to include less popular ingredients. In Hijau Teduh, the juice contains bitter melon, pineapple, lemon, pear and ginger, where it leaves a satisfying bitter after taste. Elsewhere, Menyaman, made with lotus root, pear and lemon, which works best against the hot weather.

Made fresh daily, the selection of juice in Petik is divided into three categories: Green, Root and Citrus. Depending on your mood and preference, each category offers selected benefits thanks to the specific ingredients within a bottle juice. For example, juice under Citrus contains high amount of vitamin C, antioxidants and fibre to boost immune system and aids digestion.

Located in Gading Serpong, Petik is not easily reachable for most Jakartans. Luckily, the establishment provides delivery service to save you the hassle of traveling. But Petik also aims to extend your stay with a tight selection of guilt-free desserts. In a way, the far distance is just a minor hitch. All it takes is one sip of their juice to get you on board as Petik’s loyal customer.