Welcoming The Coffee Academïcs

Cindy Julia Tobing
11th May 2021
Hong Kong’s The Coffee Academïcs opens their first Indonesian flagship in ASHTA District 8, hauling in award-winning brews and a spread of full dining experience to the open arms of the acquainted and the curious.

With all the accolades that The Coffee Academics (TCA) has clinched since their establishment in 2012—not to mention, ranked first in Hong Kong for their speciality coffee—one might wonder the kind of calibre that this household name will bring to the table. And with anticipation, the establishment has finally landed in Jakarta, setting their first Indonesian home in the buzzing ASHTA District 8 with more to offer beyond coffee mainstays. 

Brought by property & lifestyle concept developer Blveprint Destinations, the coffeehouse has generated buzz amongst the well-acquainted, where some might drop by to satisfy their longing cravings or even compare notes on the outlets they visited outside the country. But for those fresh to the name, the arrival of TCA brings about a different kind of excitement, from discovering the distinctive way of serving their coffee in wine glasses to the spread of main dishes they offer for a full dining experience. 

As expected, house blend, espresso-based coffee and signature lattes like the Okinawa (cappuccino blended with dark brown sugar from Okinawa, Japan), Manuka (velvety latte with New Zealand’s manuka honey) and Agave (milky latte with Mexican agave nectar, sprinkled with black peppercorn) are hauled over for their stable popularity, as well as dishes like the Fresh Lobster Roll with Curly Fries and Pasta Laksa. Rounding up their sweeping list of fares, local twists inspired by Southeast Asian traditional food also made their way here, like the Oxtail Soto Betawi and the Salmon Green Curry (butter-seared salmon with green curry and rice). 

Granted that this establishment, which they share with a new concept store Locus (under the same group), offers a similar atmosphere to their home base, like the black and gold colour scheme and homely furnishings that flow throughout its interiors and breezy outdoor. Uniquely, this Jakarta flagship also lends itself few spots in the coffeehouse, like the foyer area, for events and functions to incorporate a sensory experience that the brand has always strived for. 

Plans to expand in the city and tap into other TCA’s disciplines—like their reputable coffee workshops—are well in the books. But for now, the enjoyment of opening their 36th outlet in Asia is settling in nicely in tandem with local enthusiasm, marking a great start for The Coffee Academics in capturing a wider global following.