Taste of Travel: Bandung

by Pingkan Palilingan
25th August 2018
Taste of Travel is a special collaboration between Booking.com and Manual Jakarta, where we highlight five must-visit coffee shops in the city of Bandung, Surabaya and Yogyakarta for the time-strapped travellers. For the first instalment, we shine the spotlight on Jakartans' favourite weekend destination: Bandung.

Being a neighbour to the city of Jakarta, Bandung is reputable for being Jakartans’ weekend sanctuary, thanks to the city’s year-round cooler temperature. But that also means that the city is packed especially on the weekends. Thankfully, with the skyrocketing growth of lifestyle establishments, choices are aplenty and there’s always a new spot to discover whenever you return. From boutique hotels, vintage stores, to coffee shops, planning a personalised trip to fit your preference in Bandung takes no effort. However, the best thing of all is knowing that all this can be achieved without the hassle of a long flight.


Spadaa Koffie

Spadaa Koffie is one rustic cocoon that grants its visitors a quiet place to wind down just off the bustling main road. It’s easy to overlook this coffee shop, as the only sign to the location is just a single, unassuming pastel pink wall.

Owned by the famed Blue Doors coffee shop, rest assured, your coffee will be handled in good hands no matter what your choice is. Mornings may call for a jolt from a cup of espresso, although it’s also common to spot visitors settling down to hot latte (house blend by Jakarta-based Curious People and Bandung-based Herd Coffee Roaster) next to a substantial plate of Big Breakie.

Take your coffee up to the balcony and choose a spot near the edge under the cool shade of the big tree. From there, you’ll be granted a view of the activity below that feels unusually distant. With its hidden quality and atmospheric mood, Spadaa leaves a lasting impression that keeps you coming back for more.



Jl. Ternate No.5, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40115

Every day   7am-10pm


Kopi Toko Djawa

One of the best spots to hang out at the epicentre of Bandung is, undoubtedly, Braga Street. Granted it’s not the easiest place to travel in, for the street sometimes gets too overwhelming with tourists and traffic. During these moments, Kopi Toko Djawa charms passers-by to take it easy at its snug, quaint space.

A former bookstore, books are permanent fixtures at this coffee shop: occupying rows of shelves and stacked on the tables. Though small, Kopi Toko Djawa accommodates various types of visitors who quickly find themselves comfortable in the coffee shop’s many nooks. From solitary coffee drinkers who snuggle up by the window to a chatty group of friends at the communal table, most are usually spotted sipping the house’s highly popular Es Kopi Awan, iced coffee with palm sugar that comes topped with a layer of creamy foam.

If you have much time to spare, make your way to their tiny shop at the back and find peculiar local goods there. If not, stretch your legs and go for an impromptu vintage-hunting at Pasar Antik Cikapundung, which is just around the corner.



Jl. Braga No.79, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40111

Every day   10am-10pm


Mr. Guan

In a quiet neighbourhood not too far from Alun Alun Kota Bandung lies Mr. Guan Coffee & Books with its vintage appeal. The coffee shop is housed within a refurbished Dutch colonial house which still maintains most of the original structure and layout of a house. That’s why a visit to this coffee shop pretty much feels like paying a visit to an old relative’s home.

There’s the lounge area at the back with a few quiet corners by the window. In here, a cup of coffee (local beans, mostly from West Java) is often accompanied by a slow jazz music playing in the background and faint chatter from the nearby school. Elsewhere, the library room provides a varied collection of fictions, tomes, and even rare Sundanese literature for visitors to get immersed in.

When the weather is friendly, the best spot to enjoy the breeze would be in the outdoor area, where one may watch a typical neighbourhood scene unfolds. Time passes slowly here and you can amp up the entire experience by spending a night at some of the nearby guest houses such as De Halimun Guest House, which also comes bedecked in a Dutch-influenced architecture.



Jl. Tampomas No.22, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40262

Every day   7.30am-10pm



We all know that Bandung is blessed with a cool temperature that, more often not, provides a refuge for those who wish to get away from Jakarta’s stifling heat. There’s little wonder then, on why plenty of lifestyle establishments here embrace the concept of outdoor dining.

Although Mimiti is not completely outdoor, its minimalistic open-air seating area will get you hooked immediately. And this is validated by the number of students from the next door Institut Teknologi Bandung, sitting under the shade with a glass of iced latte, face glued to laptop screens.

Don’t be in a hurry to leave this coffee shop. A visit here may extend to lunch and even early dinner, for it shares the space with Kiri restaurant and bar. And while you’re there, you might as well check out Past Tense, an analogue photography shop and developing lab. Who knows, you would probably be tempted to test your photography skills here, especially when surrounded with a highly photogenic space.



Jl. Sumur Bandung No.14, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40321

Mon-Thurs  8am-8pm

Fri-Sun  8am-9pm


Two Hands Full

One of the first coffee shops that have started way before other jumps into the specialty coffee wave, Two Hands Full has steadily grown into a place that people of Bandung routinely return to. This coffee shop is one among the few that roasts their own beans, sourced from both overseas and local. That’s why there’s a high chance that you’ll spot a handful of coffee enthusiasts conversing with the baristas about coffee beans and other jargons that you may have never heard of.

But one shan’t be intimidated by this, simply strike up a chat with one of the staffs to walk you through some of the house’s coffee beans options. In addition to coffee, Two Hands Full is much well-known for its brunch fares that range from savoury to sweet, each handled with flair. Take your coffee and meal to its backyard where you’d be able to catch some fresh air. On some days you’ll be accompanied by the clickety-clack keyboard sound from nearby tables: young executives, typing furiously on their laptops.

Located in Sukajadi Street, being nearby the popular Paris van Java has its upside, as this coffee shop receives a steady flow of customers. However, the downside of it is that you need to plan your visit to avoid getting stuck in the jam.



Jl. Sukajadi No.198A, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40162

Every day   7am-8pm



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