Tanamera Settles in Kemang

Ayu Swasti Amandari
10th January 2019
Now brewing in Kemang, Tanamera brings its familiar great-tasting coffee with late opening hours to match, as they accommodate the lively inhabitants of the area.

Tanamera needs no further introduction; it is a name you would hear time and again for their deftness in crafting great-tasting coffee. Since its birth in 2013, Tanamera proves it is still contending strongly in the industry, the latest by making its mark at the heart of Kemang.

Located right next to Hotel Monopoli, spotting the coffee shop wouldn’t be hard with its prominent red signage up front the coffee shop’s façade. Cosy and serene with its mood lighting and signature dark interior, a trip here would go wasted without a caffeinated beverage (it is what they’re known for, after all). Pair it with Tanamera’s house-made pastries, better yet their famous Banana Caramel Cake for a sweet bliss.

Though an order of your usual cup is an intuitive and solid option, have something different by opting for a bottle of the Cold White Coconut, where the coffee is brewed with coconut water for a perfect hint of tropical zest. Otherwise, go new and daring with their non-caffeinated Ubi Latte.

When it comes to fares, Tanamera whips up selections of good ol’ breakfast classics as well as satisfying meals come lunch time or dinner. Please your local taste buds and order Tanamera’s signature Nasi Goreng Hitam, a hearty plate of squid ink fried rice with braised beef ribs and a sunny side up to top. As equally delicious is the Nasi Sapi Cabe Hijau, beef ribs with green chilli paste stir fried with tomatoes and served over jasmine rice.

Coffee hunters would be happy to hear of the coffee shop’s late opening hours that extends ’til midnight. So, grab a cup, in the morning, afternoon or whenever that sees you fit; Tanamera is there to welcome all day, all week long.