Talaga’s Culinary Experience by the Lake

by Julius Kensan
18th February 2014
At Talaga Sampireun, culinary experience is elevated simply with the presence of a lake.

There is definitely more than one restaurant in Jakarta that boasts amazing city view. How about a lake view for a change? Located far up north in Ancol, Talaga Sampireun is the ideal getaway from the rackets of the city. Here you’ll be treated with the calming sound of sprinkling water instead.

In actuality, the lake resembles more of an oversized pond. But, wooden huts are cleverly built around it to give it an impression of a lake. Enjoying your food in the wooden hut is definitely recommended for it elevates the entire culinary experience. However, the restaurant also provides a breathtaking lake view from its second floor as well – making sure that no one gets left out from this experience. The view gets even more stunning in the evening where the establishment is basked in warm yellow glows.

The menu is packed with Sundanese cuisine, such as the perennially popular Gourami fish and Satay. The area of the restaurant is vast, but  doesn’t come with patchy service. Electronic call bell are attached to every hut to ensure the utmost attention from the servers.

Of course, the highlight is the countless number of Koi fishes in the lake. It’s easy to lost your thoughts while observing the aquatic animals swim around in leisure. As such, it gives the Sundanese restaurant an unexpected twist of Zen.