Take it Slow with Mendjangan

by Sandy Indahsari
5th October 2017
Kemang welcomes Mendjangan to the neighbourhood. This Indonesian restaurant serves up classic dishes in a bungalow setting with a pool thrown in for a good measure.

Kemang may not be a large neighbourhood, but the constant traffic is often a motivation for one to stop by nearby establishment while waiting for the gridlock to untangle. Mendjangan, the latest addition to the vicinity, may not be established for such reason but it doesn’t change the fact that it made for an ideal pit stop.

The establishment comes in a villa concept complete with green outdoor area and swimming pool. With the laidback atmosphere, it’s not hard to imagine kids splashing around the pool while their mothers chatting away over cups of coffee and tea. Plus, its location next to a hotel, expect to see tourists trying out Indonesian food for the first time.

The familiar Indonesian dishes at Mendjangan are comforting and certainly won’t take long for you to decide on what to pick. Though options like Duck Fried Rice, Laksa Ayam, Empal Gentong and Gulai Kambing seem heavier at first glance but the palates are surprisingly light. Still, these dishes are better shared among your companions.

Of course, meals are best closed off with a cup of post-meal coffee and their modest selection of Indonesian treats, such as Kue Sus with durian filling and Cendol pudding. In hindsight, the easy indulgence best embodies the experience at Mendjangan, a no-frills establishment that focuses on good times and comfort above all else.