Swing by Monkey Bean

by Sandy Indahsari
27th July 2017
Located in the Golden Triangle Central Business District of Jakarta, Monkey Bean serves as a pit stop to combat traffic with homemade Indian-inspired grubs.

Kuningan area is known to be filled with dreadful traffic around the clock. With road constructions thrown into the mix, you can sit in the same spot for much longer than expected. As a result, it is no surprise that office occupants in the area tend to spend their afternoon lunch in places that are walking distance (or using the Go-jek service) to their buildings.

That’s why, new establishments in office buildings are always welcomed around here. tucked on the ground floor of Plaza Kuningan building, Monkey Bean is a compact café that offers a range of bites and drinks, despite its size.

One of the highlights of this place is the array of Indian-inspired grub that extended into drinks such as their Indian Special Chai. With a biryani recipe that has been passed down for generations. Their Biryani Mutton, packed with flavours and paired nicely with yogurt, is a must try when you’re here. For a lighter lunch, the wraps & rolls are available in three different options: tandoori chicken, dory fish and vegetarian, served alongside a palatable side salad and homemade potato crisps.

The mood in Monkey Bean is laid back and casual plus they also allow you to stay longer than usual if you wish. For IDR 10k, patrons get to enjoy unlimited cups of coffee, tea or infused water alongside their meal.

Thus, if you ever get frustrated battling the traffic in the area, just head over to Monkey Bean to take refuge in. With chicken huffs puffs in hand, it offers a much-needed break before going back to brace against the traffic.