With the Sunday Folks

By Hana Oktavia A.
21st July 2020
Revel on the decadence of artisanal ice cream from Sunday Folks. Hailing from Singapore, this ice cream joint settles in Pantai Indah Kapuk to lure you in with their fine assortment of homemade flavours inspired by Indonesian treats and ingredients.

Pantai Indah Kapuk has been that spontaneous getaway for Jakartans in search of a different culinary scene. Sited in the subdistrict of the northern part of the city, the area is celebrated for its rows of dashing F&B storefronts that entice comers for a round of casual bakmi munching or café-hopping.

Further spicing up this venture is Sunday Folks. A Singaporean gem since 2014, the dessert shop has been welcoming legions of sweet-tooths who come for their artisanal soft-churned ice creams.

Today, their well-crafted assortments of treats can be found amidst PIK’s extended rows of shophouses; like a true dessert joint, their setting is as homey as it is straightforward. On the first floor, a glass display flaunts a handful of choices of freshly churned ice cream that spawned excitement back home. Here, the space stretches out to a narrow outdoor seating area, whereas upstairs is for those who fancy some working time alone or quality break with a party.

But their true source of victory comes from the artisanship of ice cream making. Rather than being a jack of all trades, Sunday Folks developed just a few stunning flavours inspired by local and southeast Asian staples and champions the quality of homemade products.

For instance, go revel in the decadence of Klepon ice cream and Sea Salt Gula Merah flavour. From start to finish, these flavours are made with natural ingredients only, resulting in wafts of authentic aromas of the local goodies. Served alongside their unique homemade Gula Merah Mochi, pair your flavour of choice with a freshly baked waffle, yet another specialty of the house. 

While Sunday Folks master their mainstays, they expand their repertoire with seasonal creations, like their refreshing Gandaria Sorbet. Unbeknownst to many, besides being a major street name, gandaria is a fruit native to Sumatran soil with a unique flavour crossover of mango and citrus.

The list goes on, but a deserving rave goes to their Earl Grey Lavender soft-serve ice cream that is treasured in both Jakarta and Singapore flagship. Get the napkins ready: the speed it melts is yet another testament to their artisanal flair (read: no additives and preservatives).

The long trip awaits to Sunday Folks, and yet, their all-embracing values towards finely crafted products and zest for exploring unique flavour have lured flocks of regulars in their favour. So, set your next trip to the neighbourhood, and don’t be in demise if their sweet offerings will win you for another drive back.