STACK’em with Goodness

by Erdira Wirengjurit
9th May 2019
With their mouthwatering topside bun sandwiches and burgers, STACK is bringing the indulgence you crave for the days where you want to treat yourself nice.

There is no shame in craving a messy feast. They’re the kind of indulgence that yields to an unparalleled satisfaction, especially when a party of hungry tummies is involved. If that’s what you’ve been looking for, STACK will have you and your posse feeling satiated over their goodies.

Here, they won’t hesitate to make your mouth water. The menu, kept short and sweet, offers something for everyone whether they’re served in a brioche or a hot dog-like roll (called the topside bun). Among the favourites, dig in raw into the Egg Stack, a fulfilling breakfast sandwiched in a brioche with fluffy, cheesy eggs and corned beef. The Steak Stack is a nod to the endearing Philly Cheesesteak, while the Lobster Stack is served simple with lemon butter sauce to drizzle.

Without a single doubt, one has got to stack’em with fries or potato chips. Adding a milkshake to your meal might sound hefty, but why cut corners on Treat Yourself Day? You know by heart that the Triple Chocolate Milkshake is the perfect mate to your fries and stacks.

The venue isn’t right away noticeable on Wijaya I street, but it’s the one with an overhanging outdoor dining terrace. Though small and neatly tucked, it doesn’t fail to receive streams of customer looking for their share of the food. Come secure your spot upstairs where you can choose between indoor or the outdoor nook, and you’re set to feast. Fret not if you can’t claim your spot in the dining area because STACK’s convenient packaging, which resembles sliding storage box, allows you to bring them home without the fear of smushing them flat. If you ever get bored of the usual pizza at your gatherings, STACK’s sandwiches would fit the bill just as well.