A Piece of SoulFood

by Erdira Wirengjurit
30th April 2018
Through its wide variety of Indonesian dishes, SoulFood is a reminder that Indonesian food is always best served homestyle.

Some may be familiar with SoulFood from its earlier days in Kemang where it served dishes of the archipelago with a memorable kick of spiciness. Recently, the establishment has relocated to Gunawarman neighbourhood in a vibrant tropical house where diners will find the same jolting Indonesian dishes.

A peek at their menu reveals a wide variety of dishes from different corners of the country. These are food that Indonesians have grown up with and will continue to love, as not only they have become part of one’s childhood but also because Indonesian flavours make soulful delights. As the name suggests, SoulFood would like to remind diners that the rich Indonesian food heritage came from home kitchens, and therefore, is best-shared family-style.

Amongst the favourites from SoulFood is the Indonesian classic Paru Balado, a crispy deep-fried ox lung covered in the vibrant red balado chilli. While it may not be up everyone’s alley, another option to try is their Teri Pete Lado Ijo, a plateful of salted dried fish cooked with the notoriously pungent Indonesian bitter beans and green chilli. At last, for those looking for an unapologetic spiciness, look no further than the Sate Ayam Dabu Dabu, a serving of chicken skewers covered in the Manadonese dabu dabu chilli. Of course, these dishes are best enjoyed with a simple serving of white rice, but one can always level up the challenge with Nasi Cumi Item, a spicy black rice cooked with squid ink.

To match the homey dishes, the venue is appropriately styled into an enchanting and cosy home, albeit showy with the potted greeneries. Diners can pick between the indoor seating or opt for the outdoors without worry since the area is nicely shaded and concealed from the busy street with all the trees and greeneries surrounding the modest house. As of the crowd, the family-friendly restaurant receives anyone from white collars during lunch service to families on weekends. Regardless, the venue effortlessly convinces anyone to stay a little longer for extra family time.

Nothing can match the power of soul food to bring loved ones together. So plan ahead your next visit, because you will naturally feel inclined to share a meal at SoulFood.