SHY Rooftop’s Not-So Shy Personality

by Julius Kensan
8th May 2015
SHY Rooftop is undeniably one of the most stylish rooftop bars in Kemang that needs no lengthy introduction.

As one of the most stylish districts in Jakarta, it goes without saying that one could definitely find a rooftop bar in Kemang. And it is no coincidence that the most popular rooftop bar in Kemang is located in Papilion, the famous five-storey retail building with signature glass façade, that houses esteemed establishments like Huize van Wely and SHY.

While nearly all rooftop bars offer straight up clear sky that hangs right above your head, SHY Rooftop’s approach is different. It consists of two areas: main dining/lounge room that is safely sheltered under a large white tent and al fresco section that lines the indoor section. Located on the fifth floor, its altitude is unlikely to induce a spasm of vertigo but still allows one to revel in the lively view of Kemang at night.

Of course one wouldn’t expect to lounge around at SHY Rooftop just because they show off an extensive list of cocktails and spirits. The establishment also boasts music performances by in demand local artistes, such as Tulus, Andra & The BackboneMarcell Siahaan and Marcello Tahitoe (Ello) on special occasions.

With such a list of high profile performers, it is no wonder then that SHY Rooftop is naturally the kind of spot where one is not just there for a good time but to be seen as well. But perhaps sensing the level of intimidation that it might induce, SHY Rooftop tones it down with its menu. Scan through the menu and you’ll find modest local food options, like bubur ayam (chicken porridge), ayam sambal matah and bakso (meatballs) to be washed down by their cocktails.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t catch at least a glimpse of SHY Rooftop and its high-octane party from the ground floor. Though the establishment is somehow concealed, people won’t stop searching for SHY Rooftop clearly because it’s the rooftop bar to go to in Kemang.