13th March 2015
Featuring an unequalled take of Japanese degustation, SHY turns out not to be as bashful as the title it bears.

There’s always something intriguing behind the glass walls of The Papilion building. Each floor of the establishment seems to hold a mystery. Maybe that’s why finding SHY feels like we’re privy to the greatest secret the establishment has.

As soon as the elevator dings open to SHY, diners will be sure they’ll be well taken care of by this restaurant. A darkened hallway with flickering candles leads the way to dining room, magnifying that special feeling of dining in a sequestered place.

Dark timber wood fit-outs brought up an intimate feeling to the dining room and further enhanced by the presence of a piano in the corner. The room is spacious, giving much luxury to diners as well as attentive waiters who are always ready at diners’ disposal. Compared to Huize van Wely (on level one) that basks under the sunlight, SHY’s dim light settings means diners’ eyes have to work a bit to make out what they have on the table. Luckily, SHY has them covered on this.

The menu at SHY is Japanese classics, served either a la carte or in a pairing set (menu paired with alcoholic drinks) that is emblematic of kaiseki-ryori, a Japanese multi-course degustation. Make sure not to miss the kaiseki as it’s the pièce de résistance of SHY.

The Kaiseki menu changes everyday depends on the availability of the fresh produce. If you’re lucky, you’ll cross path with Kare Sugata Age, deep-fried flounder and prawn tempura with spicy sauce. Grilled Wagyu beef is also the main star in SHY, with the options of having served with various sauces.

On a la carte there’s onigiri with a very juicy salmon belly on the side. In the end, round them all off with SHY’s divine desserts such as black sesame ice cream or fruits with anglais sauce.

With prices that strike at the upper end of the scale, SHY might only appeal for discerning and sophisticated jet-setters. Nevertheless, it’s only right to value all food with such appreciation, especially after experiencing a thoroughly ingenious food SHY presents.