A Session with BEAU: Pastries to Pair with Coffee

by Raina Salim
1st September 2015
Together with BEAU's celebrated pastry chef, Talita Setyadi, we’ve combined two of your favourite things together and came up with a brief rundown of coffee and pastries pairings.

Coffee, with its unpredictable nature can easily be likened to a demanding bride in search of the perfect spouse. Just like any successful marriage, the perfect coffee pairing is all about finding the right partner – one that won’t overshadow the flavour notes and lures out only the finest features for a smooth coalescence of subtle taste.

To ensure you’ll find an advantageous match, we’ve talked to BEAU‘s mastermind, pastry chef Talita Setyadi, where she revealed which types of pastry pair well with which kinds of coffee. And of course, not forgetting specific pastry recommendations from Beau themselves!




Best with: Chocolate Cake or Brownies.

BEAU’s recommendation: Super Strength Entremet (70% Bitter Dark Chocolate and Whiskey) or Whopera Entremet (70% Bitter Dark Chocolate and Caramel).

A chocolate cake is undoubtedly a longstanding favourite when it comes to coffee companions. Well loved for their sweet and chewy feature, they go hand in hand with the milky texture in a cup of latte, which makes for pleasant sips, even for non-coffee drinkers. With milk as its main component, it comes as no surprise that lattes found unparalleled love in chocolate cakes and brownies, as milk draws out all of the chocolate tones into the surface and complements the essence of sweetness highlighting each bite.




Best with: Buttery Biscuits, Caramel Slices or Tarte Tartin.

BEAU’s recommendation: Caramiel Entremet (Brown Butter, Caramel and Burnt Honey).

Espresso’s concentrated rich flavor and caramel notes mingle well with buttery, caramelized desserts. Its strong and unadulterated taste is an excellent candidate for an ultimate pairing with light, sugary bites, allowing one to savour the simple snacks without worrying they would overshadow the coffee excellence. Having a strong yet unique taste, espressos are perfect on its own. But pair them with biscuits, caramel slices, or tarte tartin and it will bring out a melodious combination of flavours.




Best with: Croissants or Danish

BEAU’s Recommendation: Croissant Pur Beurre or Pain au Chocolat. 

The nature of breakfast begs for coffee, and let’s be honest, a pastry or two. Following the lead of Italians, cappuccinos are mostly enjoyed in the morning, often with a steaming mug in one hand and a newspaper on another. A perfect sustenance to kick start your day, their strong flavor and milky texture blends well with breakfast bites and acts as a perfect antidote to wash down freshly baked pastries. Go ahead, dip your pastries into your freshly brewed drink. We won’t judge.



Cold Brew

Best with: Lemon tart or Fruit tart.

BEAU’s recommendation: Passion Pomelo Tart

Nothing could be better than a glass of refreshing drink and fruits to lighten a dreary afternoon – Cue cold brew and fruit tarts. Cold brew coffees has deeper, less acidic, and subtle taste in comparison to its conventional espresso-based friends. But contrary to popular belief, “their round and smooth taste won’t collide with the sour and freshness of fruity desserts”, but rather provide a harmonious taste sensation of bites packed with flavour.



Long Black 

Best with: Doughnuts, Brioche French Toast or Pancakes.

BEAU’s recommendation: Bombos or Brioche Kaya Toast.

Classic black coffees yearn to unite with a good doughnut, and pancake, and french toast, you name it. “With every bite, you’ll find that the airy texture of a rich and buttery dessert highly complements the fruity acidity of a traditional, black, hot Cup of Joe. The bitter, awakening coffee cleanses your palate after bites, allowing for even greater enjoyment of your baked treats!” enthused Talita.