A Brunch Affair at Seed

by Ayu Swasti Amandari
10th April 2019
Seed's relaxed atmosphere and familiar line-up of Australian-inspired dishes make up for jubilant brunch session that you can enjoy all-day long.

The love for brunch has seeped well into the city’s food enthusiasts. After all, what’s a better way to catch up with friends and family over the weekend than a jubilant AM meal? That being said, it wouldn’t be hard to see Seed at Kemang slip into anyone’s agenda, especially with their Australian-inspired brunch food that you can enjoy all day long.

While everyone’s favourite classics like Avocado on Toast and The Hefty Breakfast (eggs, mushroom, bacon and potato rösti) are there to please, Seed, however, refuses to bore by taking it up a notch with their own twist that you may not have stumbled upon before.

For example, the bowl of the Green Hummus, filled with chickpeas fritters, pickled beetroot, haloumi cheese and house-made seed crisp, successfully makes veggies desirable for a meal. The Kale on Eggs (poached eggs served with sautéed kale, sunflower seed purée and homemade multi-seed bread) on the other hand, is a fresh take on your standard plate of eggs. While at it, you might want to have a glass of Seed’s freshly squeezed cold-pressed juice to wash it all down.

But, there’s always something for everyone, just like the Creamy Truffled Carbonara that would speak to just about anyone. For dessert, it’s only proper to finish-off your meal here with Miko’s Lava Ube, where a melting gluten-free purple yam lava cake is accompanied with vanilla vodka sauce, ube crumbs and walnuts.

Lastly, the restaurant’s clean and pared down interior adds up to the charm even more on top of their darling dishes. Next time you’re planning out your weekend (or weekday) brunch, Seed has got it covered. It’s definitely a tasty addition to Kemang’s league of F&B establishments and the city’s brunch buzz.