Scenes of Home at ONNI Garden House

by Cindy Julia Tobing
21st May 2024
ONNI Garden House opens in Lebak Bulus, turning a grand house built in the 90s into a restaurant, florist, garden and home & living shop.

It was not without purpose that Denny Rachmat picked a grand house built in the ‘90s as ONNI Garden House’s new home in Lebak Bulus. The same story goes for Onni’s first outlet in Tanjung Duren, where the founder turned another old residence into a restaurant, flower store and home & living shop all at once.

When asked why, Denny simply answered: to induce a homey atmosphere and feeling into the space. It was almost a formulaic reason, yet seeing the foot traffic at Onni’s new 1,700 square metres space since its opening in February, from work-from-café goers, a brigade of mothers taking rest after dropping their children off at the nearby school, to elderly couples going on a double date, it seems like morphing the pleasures of dining out with the nostalgic comforts of home still resonate best with everyone. 

Upon entering, it’s easy to notice that the place has maintained the shell and core of the original house. From the dining hall and outdoor terrace to the flower shop as well as the home & living corner carrying local trinkets (Duft and Chandelle’s soy candles, AB Potterys ceramic mugs from Yogyakarta, Six Scents’ room and linen spray), each area has kept the classic house interiors intact with decorations echoing the same style.

The cocktail bar is a new addition that sets the garden house apart from Onni’s other two outlets, while the menu still spans a spread of Western and Asian fares with a notable local touch. For one, the baked rice dish is infused with opor cream sauce and mixed with sauteed mushroom and melted mozzarella cheese, while one of the appetisers is the nachos version of tempe mendoan paired with dabu-dabu spice condiment. 

With plans of making it a versatile space that can host everything—from weekend markets and weddings to art exhibitions—it won’t be long before ONNI Garden House becomes one of the neighbourhood’s features and go-to gathering spots that draws many people without reservations.