A Savior at Pakubuwono

by Erdira Wirengjurit
21st June 2019
Don't overlook Pakubuwono for your next culinary venture, Savior is the latest restaurant that revamps its homemade dishes with whimsical touches for the appetite and eyes to feast on.

Hard to imagine Pakubuwono for your next culinary venture. The upscale neighbourhood tends to intimidate as we pass through, for those palatial apartment buildings can only leave us day-dream of living there, if ever. But if there’s a reason to make a stop, one won’t regret visiting Savior of Pakubuwono.

As an Italian-inspired restaurant with a flair of Japanese hospitality, the warm and welcoming restaurant is here to please patrons with its array of delectable dishes that span from brunch, pastas, to grilled goods, which are all homemade, but not easily foretold.

Homemade food here gets whimsical revamps to please the appetite and eyes alike. For an easily satisfying brunch, the Tokyo Sweet Hot Cakes is a plate of stacked, unapologetically fluffy pancakes that’ll put a smile from the first bite. The same can be said of their all-round homey omelet that’s fluffy and cheesy with savouriness. Their pasta, besides being freshly homemade, are dished up with twists: be it the foamy Smoked Chicken Tortellini or the Pappardelle with pulled wagyu in wine ragout sauce.

A sweet ending to your meal would be ideal with the Amarulla Tiramisu (light and creamy with an alcoholic kick) or even a generous serving of the Gelato Coupe, a treat for the sweet-toothed to behold. Word of advice, do make sure not to wait too long before you devour: while the sun-lit venue will melt your worries away, the sun will not shy from doing the same to your dessert. But there’s nothing wrong with a sunbath during mealtimes. Savior makes them a little more jovial with none of the pretense.