A Pause at Sama Dengan Coffee

by Vania Evan
3rd December 2019
An alley away from Antasari street, Sama Dengan Coffee boasts a down-to-earth dwelling with a homey ambiance and similarly homey dishes for a lush getaway.

The benefits of surrounding one’s self with nature are therapeutic, yet lush green areas are direly scarce for Jakartans to enjoy. Cues in Sama Dengan Coffee, a green gem hidden in the alleyway of Antasari who, in their jungle-esque abode, lets patrons escape the smog of the city in a serene mini oasis.

Set inside an actual home, Sama Dengan Coffee brings a refreshing change of scenery for urban dwellers with walls of plants and rattan-dominated furniture. Sharing space with Larch Studio, a Jakarta-based nature-focused creative interior design, a corresponding green spirit is embodied throughout the space, creating a relaxed atmosphere that will feel like sipping on coffee in one’s own home. 

Their choice of entrees are satiating the way home cooked meals are. The crowd-favourite would be their Nasi Ayam Kecombrang, sweetly marinated chicken rice with kecombrang (wild ginger) and selected vegetables or its fried rice sibling, Nasi Goreng Kecombrang paired with various crackers and salted fish. Though the establishment is loved for their Indonesian food, don’t look down on their Western picks, like the French Toast with strawberry, apple, and caramelised banana topped with maple syrup and ice cream. Just like their abode, the dishes are no-frills and unpretentiously nice to enjoy for during one’s breezy hangout.  

Of course, the milk-based cuppas are in the menu. Afterall, Sama Dengan started as their own coffee roastery. Or do try their signature Kopi X, a tray filled with espresso, chocolate, salted  caramel, and fresh milk served in beakers for a customized experience depending on one’s coffee preferences. To ginger up the affair, munch on their quick nibbles like Bola-bola Ubi and Sweet Potato Fries.

Even with the establishment’s inconspicuous location and absence of any signage, it’s hard not to be tempted by the alluring foliage that surrounds the place. And with the aforementioned goodies at Sama Dengan Coffee, a worthwhile pause from the endless beating of the urban pulse is within the bounds of possibility.