A Comforting Twist at Sale

by Julius Kensan
8th May 2017
Located in BSD City, Sale is an Italian restaurant that serves up dishes with a focus in seafood that feel new and familiar at the same time.

Italian food has been so entrenched in our lives that having pasta for lunch or ordering pizzas during office gatherings is turning into a common practice. Something that doesn’t require much thought at all. But, such familiarity also breeds repetition and in turn, dullness. That’s why Italian restaurant, Sale could be viewed as an antidote for those who have grown accustomed and jaded to Italian food.

Smacked in the middle of a row of shophouses in BSD city, the modest exterior of Sale makes it easy to miss this establishment if you are not paying close attention. But, what is noticeable is that, after scanning the menu, the establishment is keen to highlight seafood as their forte.

It’s recommended to kick off the meal with Gamberi e Avocado (poached tiger prawns served with avocado guacamole on polenta chips) before moving to main course. Depending on your appetite, Paccheri ai Frutti di mare is an ideal quick lunch option where it consists of large penne with assortment of seafood cooked in a jar. Similarly, the delicious Branzino Scottato (sea bass served with bell pepper sauce and vegetables) comes in portion that feels just right.

Of course, heavy eaters will be easily taken care of here. Just look to Pancetta (oven roasted pork belly) or their grilled Black Angus beef to satisfy your ravenous appetite. Clearly, visiting Sale with a group of mates will be a benefit. It’s the kind of establishment where sharing pizza and passing plates of pasta across the table are all part of the dining ritual. Plus, water is on the house, which gives you a reason to try out more food.

Seafood in Italian cuisine may not be that unusual. But the great thing about Sale is that it is introduced and served in a way that feels new without forsaking the comforting familiarity of Italian food that we often associate with.